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Urban Basic Facial (30 min)
For a healthy and fresh skin tone.
Allow your skin time out for an
invigorating boost!|
| Cleansing
| Exfoliating
| Moisturising (mask)
| Finishing Day cream
€ 78.00
Urban Vital Facial (60 min)
Makes your face look truly relaxed
and radiant.
|Facial Massage
|Moisturising Mask
|Finishing Day cream
€ 130.00
Urban Deluxe Facial (90 min)
Pure luxury for your skin. This treatment
nurtures, revitalises and adds a
wonderful glow and smoothness to
your complexion.
|Deep cleansing
|Firming concentrate
|Facial Massage
|Eye Mask
|Décolleté & Neck treatment
|High-performance exfoliating peel-off mask
€ 175.00
Deep Pore Cleanse (60 min)
Special deep cleansing for blemishes.
Very good for teenagers’ sensitive skins.
/  Deep pore cleansing
/  Exfoliating
/  Soothing mask
/  Finishing day cream
€ 130.00
Revitalising Activator
R E V I TA L I S E – F I R M & G LOW
Makes your skin look radiant. Our
special exfoliators, activating
concentrates and masks revitalise
and firm up your skin visibily
|Fruit Acid Peel
|Regenerating Concentrate
|Facial Massage
|Regenerating Mask
|Finishing Day Cream
€ 155.00
Salt & Grape Seed Body Scrub (30 min)
A mix of rock salt and grape seeds
promotes blood flow for an invigorating
effect. Your skin will feel wonderfully
smooth and superbly cared for.
€ 75.00
Structure Deluxe (30 min)
Slimming wraps with instant detox
effect boost your metabolism and firm
up your skin visibly. Intense firming
action if applied repeatedly.
€ 145.00
Spa Manicure
Hand bath, scrub, nail care
and cleaning, invigorating hand
€ 65.00
Spa Pedicure
Foot bath, scrub, nail care and
cleaning, callus removal, soothing
foot massage.
€ 70.00